Wednesday, September 30, 2009

South Plains Fair

We went to the South Plains Fair on Saturday. Hayden had a blast riding the rides at the carnival, seeing all the animals, and getting to hold a baby chicken at the petting zoo. Hayden's favorite ride this year was the slide. It's about three stories up and you have to get on a rug to go down it. The first time that he went down he didn't look happy, more scared, until he got to the bottom and stopped and saw Blaine and I laughing and he decided to go again and again. We had to make him leave because he was using up all his tickets. We ate corn dogs and french fries and had strawberry lemonade to drink. It was great, but man fried food really gets to Blaine and I because we never eat it.

We took some video of Hayden going down the slide. Blaine decided to take them sorry that you have to look at it with your head cocked. The first one is of the first time that he went down. You can tell that he didn't know what to think about it until the end. The second on he has the biggest smile on his face.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hayden had his first homework assignment that was due today. We had to put a collage together of the family and his name. I drew his name out and he helped color the inside of his name but then he got frustrated because he wanted to out of the lines and I was telling him to stay in between the lines. Then he helped me cut his pictures out. I had to go back on some of the pictures that he cut, but he did a pretty good job on some of them. And of course we had to get Thomas the Train involved so he went and got some stickers out of his room and put them on. I think that it turned out great. Sorry for the glare in the picture. I tried every which way to make it not get the glare but it happened anyways. The picture is of Aunt Candace, Uncle Jeremy, Mamma, Pappa, Blaine, Hayden, and Me pregnant.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Green Beans

Landon had his first taste of vegetables on Tuesday....Green Beans. At first he wasn't so sure about it. He only ate a teaspoon of the green beans (put them in a separate bowl). So on Wednesday night I gave the green beans to him again and he went to town on them. He probably had a little more than 4 teaspoons full. Then last night he just couldn't get enough of them. He had 3-4 tablespoons full. That's our little man. Mrs. Vicki, Landon's daycare lady, said that he has been having trouble with his cereal in the mornings. She said that he hasn't been wanting it. Well not Thursday morning because she said that he had 4 tablespoons full of cereal. I think that he most be going through a growth spurt. But man he sure can eat alot.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pajama Friday

Last Friday Hayden had pajama day at school. He wanted to wear his Thomas the Train pajamas but they were long sleeve and we were afraid that he would get to hot in them so we went with Cars. Hayden is doing so great in school and he is loving it. Everyday I can't believe that my little boy is going to school. He is learning to write his name and spell it out. They grow up so fast.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 Months

Well Landon is 5 months today. Man he is growing up so fast. It just seems like yesterday when he came into this world. He can roll over from front to back, grab anything that is in his site (especially my hair when he is nursing or I'm holding him), laugh out loud, smile really big, talk or babble, and sometimes sit up on his on ( just for a second or so). Oh, and he eats baby cereal. We started feeding him cereal on August 23rd and he is loving it. And in the next week coming weeks he will start on vegetables. Next week Landon will be going to daycare full time. I'm sad that Linda and Alan will not be keeping him at home anymore. They have done a terrific job with him and I'm so blessed to have great in-laws. But they need to get their travel on. They will still come and see us and keep Landon two weeks out of every month.

Hayden is doing great at school. He loves is teacher, Mrs. Tucker, and all his friends. It has been a big adjustment for everyone but it has been worth it. We were afraid that Hayden wouldn't like going to school but he is loving it. Thank Goodness. Blaine drops him off every morning and walks him in. They walk to the gym and he goes and sits down in his class room line. Blaine just follows him to make sure he know where he is going. But starting next week, Blaine will drop Hayden off and he will walk in by himself because Landon will be in the car going to daycare. Don't know if I really like that idea of Hayden walking in by himself but he has to learn sooner or later. Maybe I can convince Blaine to drop Landon off first. Just have to wait and see.

Well, here are some recent pictures of Landon and a slide show of him eating his first bowl on cereal.

Mr. Chubby

I love my Big Brother

Wore him self out and had to take a nap in his swing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Thought everyone would enjoy this and hopefully put a BIG smile on your face. I know that it makes us smile.