Monday, March 23, 2009

Thomas Bike

During Spring Break Hayden and Blaine had been spending a lot of time outside enjoy our nice weather. When I got home one day, they were outside and Hayden was riding his tricycle. We have begged and begged him to ride his big boy Thomas bike but he never wanted to. Well, that day a couple of young kids came riding by the house on their bikes and Hayden saw them. We then asked him if he wanted to get his Thomas bike out and ride it like the kids were. He said yes. Man, if we knew that's all it would have taken we would have done it a long time ago. It took him awhile to get the peddling down. He wanted to keep going backwards but we had to tell him that you can't go backwards on a big boy bike that when you push your peddles backward you put your brakes on. Once he understood, that was the end. He was having a blast riding his bike. We couldn't even get him off of it when it was time to eat supper. We told him that if he had ate a good supper that we would go back outside and ride his bike up and down the street. Well, that's what him and Daddy did. I could only make it half way and I was tired by then. Blaine had to keep running after him because he was going so fast. Now we have to ride his Thomas bike everyday. We are so glad that he is finally enjoying it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

NJCAA Indoor National Champions

This past weekend was the NJCAA Indoor National Championship held at Texas Tech University. We are so excited because the Texans and the Lady Texans took home the National Championship Title. This was the first NJCAA Track and Field title for the Lady Texans. We are so proud of Blaine in all that he does to be the GREATEST Coach. They will start their outdoor season March 28th in El Paso at the UTEP Invitiational.