Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday, August 16, 2008 we celebrated Hayden's Birthday with a little party with some family and friends. He also had some kids from daycare show up. Hayden had such a wonderful time. We rented a big bouncer and slide for the kids but I think the adults had more fun then the kids. We want to thank everyone for all the great gifts. Hayden has been enjoying them. I have provided a some pictures from the big day. I was going to put a slide show up but it was giving me some problems. I'm also putting a video of us seeing "Happy Birthday To You." If you listen very close you can hear Hayden singing along.

Nana and Grandma took Hayden to pick-up his Balloons. Here he is stuffed in the backseat with all of his balloons.

The first one up the slide

The first one down the slide

Jumping with Nana in the bouncer

Enjoying his big day
His buddies Brayden, from daycare, and Micah, Coach Riley and Jennifer's son.

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday To You"

Taking the first bite out of his cake. All he wanted was the red lettering.

Being his silly self.

Forklift from Brayden and Tractor from Pat, Cheryl, and Lacey Lyle.

Percy's loading dock from Faith

Thomas lunch box from Grandma and Grandpa

Dale Jr. pillow from Grandma and Grandpa


All of Hayden's wonderful gifts. Thank You!

Drum Set from Uncle JJ and Aunt Candy

Piano from Nana and Papa

Bouncer and Slide we rented...Great investment

Becoming our Litte Mozart

Our Little "Max"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Hayden!

Our little boy turned 3 years old today. We can't believe it. He's becoming a young man. Momma and Daddy love him so much. We had his birthday party this weekend and he had a blast. Will have photos soon.