Friday, January 23, 2009

Beaver Creek

After Christmas we went to Beaver Creek, CO with Alan and Linda to go skiing, relax, and enjoy the snow. And of course I didn't ski. I took advantage of the spa and got a pedicure and a pre-natal massage, which by the way was out of this world. That was one of the best massages that I have ever had! The first day we got there we drove in some very bad weather. I think Blaine and Alan almost had heart attacks because the roads were so bad. I'm just glad that Hayden slept through the whole thing. We put Hayden in ski school the third day that we were there and it was working out fine until he got sick. He was just getting over an ear infection and dealing with the altitude. So he didn't get to finish. We asked him if he wanted to do it the next day and he told us that he wants to wait till he's a little bit bigger to go skiing. Which by the way was so hilarious when he told us that. And he still tells us that when he sees someone skiing on T.V. Blaine had a blast skiing. I wish I was up there with him. He covered the whole mountain since he was skiing by himself. He would leave by 8:30 and be back to the condo by 2. One day he took the camera up with him to get some good pictures from the mountain. There are some big homes in a couple of the pictures that are in an area called Bachelor's Gulch. These homes run from $5-$20 million or more. We all went to Vail one day to shop, walk around, and eat at Pepi's Restaurant. On New Year's Eve we went to Beaver Creek Village to watch the Glow Worm Ski Down and the Torchlight Parade and then following that we watched the fireworks. Then we went to one of the bars/restaurants where they had a live D.J. and had a blast. All that Hayden wanted to do was dance. When it was time for us to leave we had to pull him off the dance floor. The day we left we decided to leave early because there was a bad snow storm coming in and we are glad we did. When we woke up that morning it wasn't snowing but by the time we checked out and got in our cars there were huge snowflakes coming down. So once again we had to drive in some bad weather. Hayden chilled the entire time...Thank God for DVD's! We had a blast and can't wait to go back. Thank you Linda and Alan for such a wonderful trip. Check out our pictures and the two videos of Hayden playing in the snow.

Christmas 2008

OK....I know, but things have been really busy for Blaine and I. Going back to work, catching up on work, starting a new track season, and taking care of Hayden. We had a great Christmas. It started out with our Christmas Eve Shrimp Boil. Blaine did such a great job and it was sooooooo good. We made cookies for Santa and put them out along with some milk for him when he stopped by. Then we got up Christmas morning and Hayden couldn't wait to see what Santa brought him. Blaine could hardly hold him back because I wanted to get the camera ready but that didn't work. Hayden was very spoiled by Santa this year. He got wooden trains, a wooden bridge and a station for his train tracks, movies, clothes, and many other Thomas and Friends stuff. Then we let him have his breakfast in the living room, which never happens, with all his toys so he could enjoy them. Then Grandma and Grandpa C came over and we started unwrapping the rest of the gifts from them and Nana and Papa. Man, Hayden made out with some good gifts this Christmas. It was kind-of hard to keep him unwrapping because all he wanted to do was play with what he just unwrapped. Then we had our Christmas lunch. Oh My Gosh it was so good. Thank you everyone for helping, we couldn't have done it without you. We also want to thank everyone for the great gifts. Sorry these pictures and this posting is so late.