Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hayden's 4th Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had Hayden's Birthday party and Chuck E. Cheese. I'm so glad that we had it there because it was soooooooooo much eaiser than having it at our house. Didn't have to clean the house for company, didn't have to cook or set up anything. All we did was show up and everything was done for us, except I brought our own cake. We want to thank everyone for coming and help celebrate Hayden's Birthday. I hope everyone had a blast, I know that Hayden did. His friends Braeden, Bree, Mark, Mattie, and Kelby came from daycare and Faith and Micah came too. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Can't believe our little boy is all grown up and had his first day of school, Pre-K, yesterday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hayden's First Day of School - Pre-K

Oh My Gosh!!! Today is Hayden's first day of school. It was a rough morning for Daddy and I. Hayden did great. He walked right into his room, but his backpack in his cubby, we took a couple of pictures, but when we were getting ready to leave I don't think he wanted us to. Mrs. Tucker, his teacher, asked him if he wanted to color and he told her no. But luckily one of his friends from daycare, Jenna, walked in and he went right with her to her cubby and I walked out. Then Mommy started crying. I hope that it will get easier for all of us. I can't believe that our baby is going to school.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hayden's Birthday

Well we celebrated Hayden's birthday this past weekend by taking him to Toys R Us and letting him pick out a gift from Mommy and Daddy. He got the Roundhouse Sheds to store his Thomas trains in and got a couple of Thomas trains from Mamma and Pappa. Then he wanted to go eat at Texas Roadhouse, "Willies" that is what he calls it, for lunch. We had a good time with us and Nana. Then for his birthday he took cupcakes to daycare for all of his friends to enjoy. We also had open house at his school, yes can you believe that Hayden will be starting Pre-K on Monday, and met his Teacher, Mrs. Tucker. Then we went back to the hotel, another story, and he had cake and stayed up late watching movies. Now we are in trouble because Hayden is going to want to stay at a hotel on his birthday every year. All in all he had a wonderful day. We are celebrating his birthday this weekend with a party a Chuck E Cheese.

As for the hotel...we had to live there for a couple of days. We had another huge leak under our slab. But, we are thankful that they didn't have to jack hammer in our house and mess is all up. They went through the garage this time, but they had to remove all our water heaters and our a.c. unit just to get to the leak so we were unable to stay there. Before they removed the a.c. unit, we still weren't able to stay there because Landon wouldn't be able to take his naps with all the jack hammering going on. They found the leak and we are all moved back to the house...YEAH!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4th Birthday


You are Mommy and Daddy's precious big boy. We love you very much!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Boys

Just wanted to post more pictures of the boys. There are a couple of pictures of Hayden where he has Thomas the Train stickers all over him. Enjoy, because we do!